Hampstead Collective Dwelling
London, UK
Academic project at The Cass, London
Tutors: Stephen Taylor and Theodoros Thysiades

Old People’s Home in Hampstead

This is a project which responds to Hampstead’s topography. The building is set on a sloping site with a narrow alley on its West side. The idea of the massing is imagining a building which grows up the hill in a series of stepping bays. These bays have a direction given by their different sides, some glazed and some solid.

The plan is split in three parts, the front civic building which opens onto a generous city space and holds a public living room on the ground, the main body of the building which accommodates a series of East facing rooms looking onto a small garden and the north end of the plan which becomes a private entrance in one of Hampstead’s intimate streets.

Throughout the plan there are a series of shared spaces, the public ‘Living Room’, the canteen and the garden which are shared with the city; the bays which hold small tea rooms to be shared by a group of residents and the roof terraces and kitchens which are shared by all of the occupants of the building.

Each of the building’s facades is trying to express its status. The south facade is playing with ideas of the ‘Free Building’ but formally addresses a civic space, the West facade is creating an intimate covered alley and the North facade is sitting quietly next to its neighbors on a narrow street.