De Beauvoir Town
London, UK
Academic project at The Cass, London
Tutors: Stephen Taylor and Theodoros Thysiades

Student Housing in De Beauvoir Town, Hackney, London

This is a project which responds to an existing social housing estate. De Beauvoir Town in Hackney, London.

At the core of this estate lay two towers with a charged space in-between. The proposed new snake-like building is conceived as a part of a larger urban development, meant to alter and renew the whole estate.

The new building is emerging from the existing structures and is making its way towards the canal. Here it gains in height forming a tower which comands the canal. By creaing an L shape, a new open and intimate space is formed at the ground level, a space which is connected to the canal and also to an enfilade of columns encircling it.

The function of the new building is a collection of student rooms with large shared spaces.