Crucea, Romania
Private Client
Budget: private
Status: built

This project responds to a typical Southern Romanian rural context. A context which with a leap of imagination might be compared to an English suburbia. With two main distinctions, the houses are shy and don’t show a formal face to the street and the space behind the houses doesn’t hide a beautiful garden but a bit of agriculture or animal pasture.

The project is composed of three elements: the long and narrow house, the long and narrow pool and a more generous pond. These three elements, through their arrangement, are configuring and defining a space which doesn’t belong to the very long strip of land anymore but becomes part of the house.

The pool with its long side oriented directly towards South creates a directional view towards the agricultural land at the edge of the village. The house has most of its glazing on its eastern elevation with all of the rooms enjoying the long views.

The East Elevation takes advantage of the sloping land and becomes more dynamic by negociating the level differences. The window positions take part in the same game together with the chimney.